Spirulina Society provides open-source tools and knowledge for domestic Spirulina cultivation. Let's get growing at home!


Spirulina Society aims to make fresh Spirulina accessible for anyone who treasures self-sufficiency; fosters wellbeing, empowerment, and sustainability.
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3D models of the cultivation tools are available to download for free!

You can choose your preferred containers based on the design and capacity to use with Spirulina Society's tools.
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"The most ideal food for mankind." - United Nations
"Mankind's best health product in the 21st century." - World Health Organisation
"The most ideal and perfect food of tomorrow." - UNESCO
What is Spirulina Society?
Spirulina Society is a project that aims to normalise the sustainable and efficient cultivation system for an urban lifestyle—where people produce their own food, maintain their wellbeing, cut down the waste and reduce the ecological footprint simultaneously.

What does Spirulina Society provide?
• Spirulina cultivation tools as products
• 3D models (free digital printable files)
• How-to instructions
• Equipment/materials sourcing guidance
• Cultivation knowledge sharing
NASA conducted research on "Spirulina as a bioregenerative photosynthetic and an edible alga for spacecraft crew." ​​​​​​​
Before diving into the process of sourcing, cultivating, harvesting and more...

Spirulina Society is shortlisted for the Distributed Design Awards 2020!

Featured in Artsthread and i-D's Global Design Graduate Show 2020

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