A Collection of Dining Table Products Made From Eggshells (20%) + PLA (80%)
Spirulina Society was one of the participants in the WASTE IS MORE Exhibition - "Waste is a valuable resource" at Bangkok Design Week 2023. An exhibition displayed possibilities by MORE, a collaboration between the research team from PTT Innovation Institute and HG Next Co., Ltd., a designer, manufacturer, and furniture distributor committed to research, development, and design to be a complete solution for transforming waste into renewable resources.
Project Background
Eggs are such a staple in everyday cooking globally; it’s safe to say that we’re all familiar with eggshells. However, not many are aware that the total annual amount of eggshell waste is comparable to the amount of plastic waste input in the oceans each year. From a designer’s perspective, the idea of using eggshell waste as a source material to create environmentally friendly composites is very much fascinating. From a global citizen’s point of view, the development of novel sustainable materials that are biodegradable is imperative to our society.

“Eggsperiment” is a collection of dining table products, which comprises multi-purpose containers, candle holders, egg cups, a bowl, and a chopstick rest. Inspired by the anatomy of an egg, the shapes and forms of these objects were explored digitally, made by a 3D printer, then subsequently sculpted into final products by hand. This experiment looks at eggshell waste potential applications. It also explores how the resurrection of eggshell waste has come full circle; by simply reshaping it into everyday objects in our dining room, where most of us consume eggs almost every day. The concept of eggshells revival may bring a new perspective to our perceptions of food waste management — something so banal, yet so intriguing.
About MORE (Material Designer/Provider)
At MORE, we believe "waste is a valuable resource." By blending innovation and design with a research team from PTT Innovation Institute and HG Next Company Limited. We develop and maximise the benefits of waste materials for consumers and the environment.
Thailand produces more than 17 million tonnes of industrial waste annually, eventually expensively discarded. MORE seeks to transform trash into a new upcycled material with the potential to be designed and respond to various forms of use widely integrated into people's daily lives.
With the view that "waste is MORE", we seek to recast the refuse as a complete solution for those who want to alter their waste into a valuable resource.

About Spirulina Society Store (Product Designer)
Spirulina Society locally produces eco-friendly home products — using renewable/degradable materials: PLA (polylactic acid), a vegetable-based plastic, which is commonly derived from cornstarch.
To support circular economy principles, we produce all items with 3D printers, mostly on demand; to prevent more waste that would end up in landfills since there is no surplus in the stock. 3D printing (aka additive manufacturing) produces almost no waste and requires much less energy than conventional manufacturing methods. Apart from the ability to drastically reduce carbon footprint, there is no toxicity released in any process of production. PLA scraps and prototypes can also be recycled, to close the loop of resource production.
"Work In Progress" — since PLA is only compostable in specific conditions at industrial facilities. We aim to turn PLA scraps into products soon. We never throw away our scraps/failed parts and we look to gather the PLA waste from elsewhere.

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