Reading List & References
Hello there, glad to see you here. Let's get reading! 🤓📚 (updated 20/7/20)
• How to Grow Spirulina at Home - Unknown Author
• Grow Spirulina at home! - Spirulina Academy
• Growing Spirulina at Home - Dr Aaron Baum
• Spirulina Growing Requirements - Just Spirulina
• Grow Organic Spirulina's Blog - Ditsa Keren and Natan Gammer
• Variation of Spirulina maxima biomass production in different depths of urea-used culture medium - Md-Abu Affan, Dae-Won Lee, Salim Marzoog Al-Harbi, Han-Jun Kim, Najah Ibrahim Abdulwassi, Soo-Jin Heo, Chulhong Oh, Heung-Sik Park, Chae Woo Ma, Hyeon-Yong Lee and Do-Hyung Kang
• Arthrospira (Spirulina) - Claudio Sili, Giuseppe Torzillo and Avigad Vonshak
• Considerations for Photobioreactor Design and Operation for Mass Cultivation of Microalgae - Juan Cristóbal García Cañedo and Gema Lorena López Lizárraga
• Design and construction of a photobioreactor for hydrogen production, including status in the field - Kari Skjånes, Uno Andersen, Thorsten Heidorn and Stig A. Borgvang 
• Design of Photobioreactors for Mass Cultivation of Photosynthetic Organisms - Qingshan Huang, Fuhua Jiang, Lianzhou Wang and Chao Yang
• Design of a novel photobioreactor for culture of microalgae - Xia Jin-Ian, J M Levert, F Benjelloun, P Glavie and P Lhoir.

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